Why Social Media Matters to Non-Profits

It’s no secret non-profits have to do a lot with a little, stretching those communication dollars to the max. I’ve been challenged to help build brands for charities with very few resources. For years, it was all about raising awareness and funds through PR efforts and inexpensive grassroots marketing until the world of social media opened up infinite new possibilities to engage and excite donors, media, volunteers and supporters.

Now many non-profits are actively recruiting for social media positions and the good ones are building up impressive followers, fan bases and connections online.

Ten Tips to Help Non-Profits Get Started With A Social Media Program:

  1. Know your voice and keep it focused

  2. Recognize frequency is a key to success

  3. Map out an editorial calendar to help guide your content

  4. Think like a publisher – tell stories that will matter

  5. Activate your frontline teams to provide meaningful content

  6. Cross-promote social media via your different, more traditional communication channels to strengthen and grow your audiences

  7. Partner with other people and organizations who have a strong social media presence already (e.g. invite a local celebrity to take part in a special event) to increase your connections

  8. Connect with media online – don’t rely on news releases and pitches as the exclusive avenues for your media relations outreach

  9. Tailor your content to each social media medium (i.e. Depending on your demographics, Facebook may be more geared to volunteers, Twitter to media and influencers, and LinkedIn to corporate connections

  10. Use social media to recruit volunteers, ask for donations and engage in dialogue with key stakeholders

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and others offer the perfect opportunity to share your voice and strengthen relations with your audiences. It's vital to have a social media presence today!

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