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Are Your Key Messages Hurting Your Marketing?

If you are not seeing results with your marketing, it may be because your brand messages are not clear, or even downright confusing. Investing in key message development is an essential first step to inspiring your customers to trust you with their business.

Here are three tips to fine-tune your messages:

  1. Use clear, compelling language. Complicated descriptions, industry jargon and long-winded explanations will turn potential customers off and send them directly to your competition. Instead, make it super-easy for customers to understand what you are offering and how it benefits them.

  2. Show that you speak the same language. Use the same words your customers use to describe their business. A common vocabulary demonstrates you understand their reality.

  3. Make it all about your customers. A list of your products and services, special features or corporate history doesn’t interest anyone but you. Write with your customers in mind and answer the question, “Why would they care?". Look at everything through the eyes of a potential buyer and frame your messages accordingly.

Need help getting your messages right? Contact me today to start the conversation!

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