Something New is Happening!

Quite a few decades ago, I met a vivacious, creative and generous soul at university. Her zest for life was contagious and matched only by her (loud) enthusiasm as she embraced every new opportunity that came her way. We were friends and dorm-mates that lost touch as people often do once they leave the bubble of university and enter the real world.

In 2019, we reconnected, discovering the many things we still had in common after all these years, including a passion for great storytelling, helping growing businesses connect with their customers and championing the meaningful work of non-profits. And nothing gets us more excited than shining the spotlight on entrepreneurial women who are building businesses or redefining themselves with a second (or third or fourth) chapter!

Our skill sets are like ying and yang, complimenting each other but like-minded when it counts.

We are watching the economic rebuild in the communities, cities and provinces we love so much and are here to do our part. With Karen’s formidable media and video storytelling skills and my strategic marketing and communications background, we will help clients not only figure out the “new normal” but also thrive in it! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for our collaboration!